1.How can I topup my mobile phone credit?

Dial :

  • 99896289 if you want Vodafone 20 credit
  • 99289644 if you want Vodafone 10 credit
  • 99294308 if you want Vodafone 5 credit
  • 79264156 if you want GO 20 credit
  • 79301241 if you want GO  10 credit
  • 79222230 if you want GO  5 credit
  • 79222207 if you want Helloflex 10 credit
  • 79222213 if you want Maltacom easy-line 5 credit

After one ring tone, the line will be cut.

After a short time, if we received the authorization from the bank, you will receive the PIN number via SMS.

You should follow instructions given in the SMS to top up your credit..

2.Are my card details safe?

Yes, there is no access to your details from outside our system. No card details are stored in your mobile.

3.What happens if someone steels my mobile or I lost it?

Contact us on 21383022 and we will disable your service.

4.How many cards can I buy per day?

You can buy a card every hour.

5.What shall I do if I can not call the service due to lack of credit?

Go Mobile clients can call even if they have 0 cents credit left. Vodafone clients have to send a SMS if they have less than 4 cents left.

6.Can I topup my credit while being abroad?

Yes, you can either call one of the service numbers or send a SMS

7.Do I need to pay if I call the iP service number?

No, it is free.

8.What shall I do if I call, and I do not receive a SMS ?

a. Check if you have your caller ID activated.
b. Try to call 5 min later.


9.What shall I do when my mobile phone number is not accepted on the merchant site although I am registered with iPoint ?

Make sure that you have entered theinternational call prefix to your mobile phone number. if your mobile phone number is for example 06123456 and you live in France, than you will have to enter 00336123456.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate contact us:

Phone: (00356)21383022

E-mail: [email protected]