Welcome to iPoint!

iPoint is the response to the need! 


iPoint offers mobile phone users the opportunity to purchase mobile phone credit without the inconvenience of looking for a shop, an ATM or an Internet cafe. It operates anywhere that your phone has service – At any time day or night – Just imaging that your car breaks down, its 2am and you have no credit left to call a recovery company or even home. What do you do, just call iPoint and we will automatically top up your credit account. What could be simpler or safer?

With iPoint, the purchase of a top-up card is literally at the fingertips of every client and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is new, unique worldwide, and free service for clients!

It is independent from cellular network providers and does not require any special hardware or particular type of mobile phone.

It is secure as no credit or debit card details are transmitted through the cellular network and all sensitive data is stored on our internal secure server’s. We are completely security conscious as such when you subscribe to our service, we ask that you SMS your bank card details so that registration and card details are kept separate.