Payment Solutions

iP Limited is offering a secure service whereas a client can purchase prepaid credit using his/her mobile phone.

The client first has to subscribe to the iPoint service from the iPoint homepage where he has to give his personal details, his mobile phone number and his credit card details. Once these details have been verified, the ipoint service will be activated for the client and he will receive a notification sms.

To purchase an ipoint credit, the client login to the ipoint webpage and chooses the recharge section. On the page, he enters his mobile phone number, the cvv2 code and the ipoint credit amount. After confirmation, he will than be asked to call from his mobile a specific iPoint service number to initiate the purchasing process. Alternatively, the client can send a text message (SMS) to the iPoint service number. Certain services can directly been purchased by calling a dedicated ipoint service number.

When receiving a call or a SMS (text message), the iPoint system will recognize the sender’s mobile phone number, it will than debit the specified amount from the client’s credit card, and it will finally send a unique pin by SMS to his mobile phone.

That pin can than be used on an affiliated merchant site to credit his account with the ipoint credit.

The call for the client is free of charge.


  • Charge backs are almost non existent due to double identification of the clients: the credit card and the mobile phone. A client can no longer contest not having purchased betting credit due to the integration of the mobile phone into the payment process.
  • The purchase process is fully traceable.
  • Field proven in Malta since 2002.
  • Credit card details are held off the internet by the iPoint service provider.

To view a Flash demo explaining how the iPoint services work, please follow the link Click here